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    Honolulu Employer Pays $200,000 for Harassment

    A Texas construction company doing business in Honolulu has agreed to pay $200,000 to settle a sexual harassment complaint brought by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on behalf of a woman employee. The lawsuit alleged that Southland Contracting, Inc., Mole Constructors, Inc. and Southland Mole JV retaliated against her when she complained. The companies also agreed to provide live training for every employee. If your organization wants to prevent lawsuits like this, maybe you should do live training, too. Contact us.

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    Be Fair to Accused Harassers, Court Rules

    A respectful workplace cannot be created if anyone is treated with disrespect. A fair hearing is fair only if everyone is heard.

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    FBI women not allowed to sue anonymously

    The 16 women who filed a sex bias and harassment case against the FBI cannot sue anonymously, even though they fear retaliation.

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    What Tools Prevent Sexual Harassment?

    Preventing harassment and discrimination should be part of an overall approach which gives managers tools to create respectful workplaces.

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    Employee Wins at SCOTUS

    A new U.S. Supreme Court case, Fort Bend County v. Davis, will allow an employee to pursue her discrimination case in court.

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    Gay rights = straight rights

    Gay rights are also about the rights of straight people not to be discriminated against because they are heterosexual.

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