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  • Sexual Harassment

    Sexual Harassment Insights from Steve Carell’s Performance (Not in The Office)

    Sexual harassment training videos are usually ridiculous, but now there’s a great way to understand many of the issues that can arise, including implicit quid pro quo, cover-ups by management, complicity by male and female bystanders, failures by HR, and impacts on truly consensual relationships. The Apple TV series, The Morning Show, starring Jennifer Anniston, Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carell and Gugu Mbatha-Raw, is a fantastic window into the dynamics of sex in the workplace. The series is 10 episodes, and they’re all great. But if you want to get the essence of it in one hour, check out season 1, episode 8. A flashback, it is actually the first episode chronologically. In it we see Carell, as a sort of Matt Lauer character, come on to a woman subordinate. What is happening from his perspective? From her perspective?  What could be the short-term and long-term results? These are questions we can ponder and discuss with friends and family. To see some answers, you can watch the next two episodes as well—or go back to the beginning and watch all 10. One of the most difficult sexual harassment concepts for many people to grasp is implied quid pro quo. Explicit quid…

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    Court rules calling women “sensitive flowers” shows gender bias

    All employers should provide training not only on preventing sexual harassment, but also eliminating gender bias.

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    Honolulu Employer Pays $200,000 for Harassment

    A Texas construction company doing business in Honolulu has agreed to pay $200,000 to settle a sexual harassment complaint brought by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on behalf of a woman employee. The lawsuit alleged that Southland Contracting, Inc., Mole Constructors, Inc. and Southland Mole JV retaliated against her when she complained. The companies also agreed to provide live training for every employee. If your organization wants to prevent lawsuits like this, maybe you should do live training, too. Contact us.

  • Harassment

    Be Fair to Accused Harassers, Court Rules

    A respectful workplace cannot be created if anyone is treated with disrespect. A fair hearing is fair only if everyone is heard.

  • Sexual Harassment

    FBI women not allowed to sue anonymously

    The 16 women who filed a sex bias and harassment case against the FBI cannot sue anonymously, even though they fear retaliation.

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    What Tools Prevent Sexual Harassment?

    Preventing harassment and discrimination should be part of an overall approach which gives managers tools to create respectful workplaces.

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