“Makana trained our office 10 years ago on how to deal with change and stress. She inspired us to realign our culture, and had lasting impact on our employee engagement, retention, efficiency, and work performance.” 

Glenn Kunitake, Hawai’i Department of Education

Conference Keynote Speaking -
Dealing with Stress at Work

As a Hawaii Speaker Hall of Fame speaker, Makana helps the people in your organization stress less during her presentation so they can stress less at work.

Dealing with stress at work is a competitive advantage. Achieving well-being is the highest form of leadership. Conference keynote speaker Makana Risser Chai gently invites your group to think differently about stress management in the workplace to achieve different results. Her promise: stressing less doesn’t take any extra time! It can be done while you are going about your day. That’s why she wrote the book about stressing less, Mindful Multitasking: Timeless Techniques for a Vibrant Mind, Strong Body, Happy Heart & Light Spirit.

Makana brings a fresh outlook based on her experience as an attorney and Silicon Valley business owner, whose well-being journey started when a cardiologist said, “Change your life, or you will die.”

She became a certified stress and wellness consultant, yoga-meditation instructor, and authored books on traditional Hawaiian ways of well-being that work today.

In conference keynote speaking, she will move your audience with high content, highly interactive speaking that engages their heads and hearts with humor. They will be entertained, stretched and inspired when they hear her speak at your next event.

“Makana is one of Hawaii’s most called upon speakers. She has a unique ability to engage her audiences, whether in-person or virtual, using appropriate humor, relatable stories, case studies, and group discussions to help them understand and apply the concepts she presents.” Paulette Williams, RN, DrPH

Conference Keynote Topics - Dealing with Stress at Work

  • Stress Less at Your Desk
  • Achieve Well-Being with Workouts, Mindfulness, and Chocolate!
  • Fun and Fit at 96: Tips and Tricks from Mom for Any Age
  • Mindful Multitasking: Timeless Techniques for a Vibrant Mind, Strong Body, Happy Heart, and Light Spirit
  • Relax in Paradise: Classes in Yoga and Mindful Meditation
  • Hawaiian Traditions of Reducing Stress: Lomilomi massage, Aloha and More (with Native practitioners)
Stress Management laughter yoga
Playing with Laughter Yoga

Why Training for Stress Management in the Workplace?

Engage employees. Avoid bad publicity. Reduce turnover. Stop burnout. Improve employee wellness. Achieve workplace well-being. These are just some of the benefits of employee training and development for dealing with stress at work. Our stress management services include:

  • Management training and development
  • Employee training and development
  • Custom videos for your organization
  • Leadership training and development
  • Executive updates

“Your presentation was a life-changing moment for me. It has really impacted me at work. I feel transformed!”
Diane Praywell, attorney, Honolulu

How is Our Stress Management in the Workplace Training Different?

Combining head, heart, and humor, our training for dealing with stress at work is customized for your organization and is highly interactive, with self-assessments, skill-building exercises, practice sessions, small group discussions, and lots of time to get questions answered about how to apply the concepts when under pressure.

We also facilitate discussions about how tweaks can be made in workplace systems, processes, and procedures to reduce unnecessary stressors. We can change lose-lose-lose situations into win-win-win for the employee-company-customer.

Stress Management in the Workplace Training Topics

  • From Stressed to Best: Dealing with Stress at Work
  • Vitality: Going Beyond Stress Reduction and Stress Management
  • Success without Stress at Work
  • Dealing with Difficult People by Forgiving

“Fabulous! One of the BEST virtual learning experiences. Powerful storytelling, beautiful slides. You engaged people via poll, chat, breakout session, conversation, stand-up exercise, motioning with hands, humor. Wow.” — Ai Tanaka, HMSA

Stress Management in the Workplace Training

Well-Being Author

Stress Management in the Workplace Training

“I learned that even when you think you don’t have time to relax
there is always a way. Makana was awesome!”

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