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The conference keynote speaker and workplace trainer for stopping burnout, turnover, and lawsuits.

Makana Risser Chai

Author, Lawyer, Speaker, Humorist

Stress Management in the Workplace Training

Be Well & Do Good

What would it look like if everyone in your organization was inspired to be well and do good?

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Conference keynote speaking in Hawaii and online on dealing with stress at work to achieve well-being.



HR compliance training and stress management at work training for a respectful workplace.



Transform yourself, your colleagues, and your organization to complete well-being.

Speaker Makana Risser Chai helps leaders build and support true workplace well-being.

"Inspirational! Your presentation was extremely useful and life changing. You have made a definite difference in the participants’ lives.” Hawaii Department of Education

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What do stress management at work and HR compliance have in common?


Whether you care about leadership, employee engagement, well-being, teamwork, satisfaction, wellness, collaboration, or diversity and inclusion, you can’t have one without the others. You need all to create a healthy workplace without burnout, turnover, and lawsuits.

Creating a respectful workplace is the key to attracting and retaining the best people

Burnout, turnover, and lawsuits cause stress—and are caused by stress. Leaders know that if they have the skills, ability, and mindset to achieve true stress management in the workplace as well as HR compliance, they can transform the workplace, their lives, and the lives of their team members. When they go beyond legal do’s and don’ts to focus on skills, strategies, and actions that ensure team members feel treated with respect and dignity, they effectively deal with stress at work, and attract and retain the best people who will perform at the highest levels. To develop these skills and strategies, leaders turn to conference keynote speaking and HR compliance training by Makana Risser Chai.

“Makana’s approach is brilliant!” Ethan Allen

Makana Chai

Conference keynote speaking in Hawaii

Stress management in the workplace—Hawaiian stress management—can transform your workplace and your life. Combining the wisdom of the ancient native Hawaiians with the latest science on stress management, Makana shares stories, skills, and ideas that motivate participants to transform their lives by making small changes to their everyday habits. More


Workplace onsite and online training


HR compliance training that goes beyond legal do’s and don’ts to focus on actions your managers and employees can take so others feel respected. Integrate the values of your organization, and the participants’ personal values, to create a workplace with dignity.  Combining head and heart with humor, Makana’s HR compliance training transforms the workplace.  More.

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"She was engaging, funny, and thought-provoking, all of which are difficult to achieve when speaking on a topic such as discrimination." Carly Iwamoto, Human Resources Director of Operations, East-West Center

Author and Conference Keynote Speaker

Stress Management in the Workplace Training

Conference keynote speaking by Makana Risser Chai inspires leaders to deal with stress at work by creating respectful workplaces. In her presentations in Hawaii and online, Makana challenges audiences to reflect on their values to celebrate their authentic selves at work. Makana is the author of 7 books on the topics of well-being and HR compliance.

You’ll laugh as you learn tips from her books, and be motivated when you hear stories about how others transformed their lives and their work. Her case studies, real-world client experiences, and content from her writings all come together in keynotes and training that engage the head and the heart with humor.

"She kept the CEOs fully engaged with her easy to listen to style, legal expertise, and relevant, sometimes humorous examples." Louis Darnell, Founder & President, Integrated ComTel

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