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  • I have worked in HR for many, many years, so I am familiar with this subject, but you talked about this in one of the best ways I’ve heard yet.

    George Ann SkandisVP of Human Resources, Atlantis Adventures

There is such a thing as good compliance training.

Whether in-person or virtual, this training is not a one-way lecture—it’s engaging and interactive, with real-world examples, practical advice, humor and stories. It goes beyond law to include your policy and your values. It focuses on respect, compassion, and forgiveness. And it encourages everyone to talk together, with empathy and understanding for each other.

  • I learned it is important to give compassion to get compassion.

    Maintenance worker

Employee Workshops

This highly interactive, skills-based workshop–either in-person or virtual–is designed to engage employees, reduce turnover, avoid bad publicity, and prevent lawsuits. Each session is customized to include your organization’s values, policies, and procedures. With the law as a foundation, and with an understanding of unconscious bias, the course upholds the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Participants learn the skills to intervene as bystanders, and to treat others with respect.

Specialized Workshops

Make a difference in your organization. Specialized in-person and virtual workshops provide a step-by-step framework for implementing harassment prevention strategies.

These sessions are customized depending on the audience: executives and business owners, or HR and TD/LD/OD professionals.

Management Worshops

Facilitated by an employment law attorney, this in-person or virtual session will enable business leaders to reduce turnover, avoid bad publicity, and prevent lawsuits that may occur from workplace toxicity. Learn do’s and don’ts of implementing policies, procedures and training to prevent harassment and unconscious bias. This course will help leaders foster the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion – and respectful workspaces.

  • She trained all of our employees, and 100% rated her presentation good or excellent!

    Pamela Moore CSPDirector, Environmental Health & Safety, Hawaii Gas

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