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  • She is an outstanding speaker, and engages audiences at all levels. As a keynote speaker, she is clear, concise and impactful. She is able to present complex ideas in a straight forward manner, and uses appropriate humor and stories to support her points.

    Jonathan LevyFormer CEO, Fair Measures, Inc.

Keynotes that are engaging, with real-world examples, skills, stories, and bottom-line results.

Speeches that are not about law, but about your values – respect, compassion, and forgiveness. Presentations that help men and women to build their skills to talk together, with empathy and understanding, so they can be engaged, effective and productive teammates.

  • She is an outstanding speaker who uses a wide variety of speaking techniques to get the message across to her audience.

    Paulette L. WilliamsDrPH, MSN, RN

Be Fearless: Talk About Sexual Harassment

Business is different since #MeToo. It can be scary to even bring up the subject because some are afraid of stirring up trouble. You know what? If there’s trouble in your organization, it’s already stirred up and you just don’t know it.  That trouble is preventing your teams from working effectively, causing good people to leave, and costing you money. It’s time to be fearless. Get over the fear of talking about it, the fear of making things worse, and the fear of change.

  • A lot of what I had thought I knew turned out to be wrong. Good eye-opener.

    ManagerUtility company

Custom Keynotes

What do you need? Keynotes are always customized based on the needs of your organization, the theme of your event, and the demographics of your group. I adapt my presentations in many ways, including relevant case studies, the focus of the talk, and the language and jargon of your industry or organization.

Beyond the Keynote

Make a difference in your organization. Get Respectful Workspace workshops which provide a step-by-step framework for implementing harassment prevention strategies. I customize these sessions depending on the audience: executives and business owners, HR and TD/LD/OD professionals, or line managers.


Make the most of our time together. Do you have a key executive who could use some one-on-one coaching about his or her behavior? An HR leader who wants to bounce ideas off someone with breadth and depth of experience? We can sit down together to work on their specific concerns.

  • Great sense of humor. Funny presenter!

    HR Manager

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